Women’s Golf Shirts: Style Meets Performance on and Off the Course

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The world of golf is experiencing a thrilling surge, and at the heart of it lies a booming women’s game. Driven by factors like increased accessibility and the rise of entertainment venues like Topgolf, more women are hitting the green than ever before. According to the National Golf Foundation, a staggering 6.4 million females graced the fairways in 2022, marking a 14% increase since 2019!

This influx of new players, many of whom are younger and more diverse, has sparked a shift in the golf apparel landscape. Brands are now catering to modern sensibilities, creating stylish pieces that transition seamlessly from the course to casual outings. Gone are the days of boxy polos and baggy pants; today’s women’s golf shirts are a delightful blend of function and fashion, ready to complement your every swing and step.

Here’s what’s hot in the world of women’s golf shirts:

  • Adorable Polos: Forget the stiff, traditional polos of yore. Today’s polos are a kaleidoscope of colors, cuts, and textures. Think feminine silhouettes, breathable fabrics, and playful details like ruffles, prints, and contrasting collars.
  • Performance First: Don’t be fooled by the trendsetting looks. These shirts are built for the game, featuring moisture-wicking fabrics, UPF protection, and ample stretch for a full range of motion.
  • Beyond the Course: The versatility of today’s golf shirts is key. Rock your favorite polo with a trendy pair of jeans for a day out, or layer it under a light jacket for a chic office ensemble.
  • Ready to build your perfect golf wardrobe? Here are some additional tips:
  • Consider your personal style: Do you prefer classic cuts or bold statement pieces? Choose shirts that reflect your unique personality.
  • Prioritize comfort: You’ll be swinging, bending, and walking for hours, so ensure your shirt moves with you without feeling restrictive.
  • Embrace color and patterns: Don’t shy away from vibrant hues and playful prints. Golf is no longer a muted affair; express yourself through your clothing!

Choosing the Perfect Women’s Golf Shirt – Our Factors


Setting a budget is the first step in finding the ideal women’s golf shirt. While quality often comes with a higher price tag, it’s essential to strike a balance between affordability and durability. Explore different price ranges to find a shirt that meets both your financial considerations and quality expectations.


Comfort is key when spending hours on the golf course. Opt for a women’s golf shirt made from breathable and moisture-wicking materials. Common fabrics include polyester, spandex, and blends designed to keep you cool and comfortable. Consider the climate and playing conditions to ensure the chosen material aligns with your needs.


Look for features that enhance your golfing experience. Moisture-wicking properties are crucial for keeping sweat at bay, especially on warmer days. UV protection is another essential feature, guarding your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Additionally, prioritize flexibility and stretchability to allow for a full range of motion. Ventilation and breathability are key considerations, ensuring you stay cool even during intense rounds.


While functionality is crucial, style should not be overlooked. Choose a women’s golf shirt that aligns with your personal preferences. Explore different necklines, sleeve lengths, and fits to find a style that complements your body shape and comfort level. Consider color options and patterns to express your individuality on the course.

Sleeveless Polo Showdown: Foray vs. Adidas

Two contenders enter the ring: the award-winning Foray Golf Core Sleeveless Polo and the budget-friendly Adidas Women’s Performance Primegreen Polo Shirt. Both promise comfort and style on the course, but which one swings ahead?


  • Luxury Fabric: Made with high-quality Italian jersey, this polo boasts a buttery-soft, wrinkle-resistant feel that drapes beautifully.
  • Performance Powerhouse: It packs a punch with four-way stretch, moisture-wicking technology, and UPF 50 sun protection for all-day comfort and play.
  • Style Statement: Available in 12 vibrant colors, it offers more fashion options than its competitor.
  • Price Point: At $100, it’s a premium investment compared to the Adidas.


  • Eco-Conscious Choice: Made with at least 40% recycled materials, it appeals to golfers who prioritize sustainability.
  • Lightweight & Breathable: It’s perfect for hotter days, providing maximum airflow and freedom of movement.
  • Budget-Friendly: At $55, it’s a wallet-winner compared to the Foray, offering great value for the price.
  • Subtle Branding: The minimalist design might appeal to those who prefer a less logo-heavy look.

The choice boils down to personal priorities. If you value luxurious materials, advanced performance features, and a wider range of colors, the Foray Core Sleeveless Polo is worth the splurge. For golfers seeking a sustainable, value-conscious option with a more understated look, the Adidas Performance Primegreen Polo Shirt is the clear winner.

Ultimately, the perfect sleeveless polo is a matter of personal taste and swing style. Consider your budget, performance needs, and desired aesthetic before making your final putt. Remember, both contenders offer their own unique strengths, so whichever you choose, you’re sure to hit the course looking and feeling your best.

Sleeveless Polo Shootout: Casual Comfort vs. Classic Confidence

Looking for a sleeveless polo that’s both stylish and functional? Buckle up for a clash of titans between the effortlessly cool Puma Women’s CLOUDSPUN Coast Sleeveless Golf Polo and the ever-reliable FootJoy Solid Lisle Self Collar Women’s Golf Polo.


  • Color Chameleon: With 17 vibrant shades to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match for your style.
  • DryCell Dynamo: Puma’s signature moisture-wicking technology keeps you cool and comfortable even on the hottest days.
  • Budget-Friendly Find: At just $50, this polo won’t break the bank, making it a great option for casual or beginner golfers.
  • Subtle Style: The minimal branding adds a touch of sporty flair without being overpowering.


  • Sophisticated Simplicity: Solid colors and a classic design exude timeless elegance on the course.
  • Fresh Finish: An antimicrobial finish keeps you feeling and looking your best throughout the round.
  • Trusted Tradition: Backed by FootJoy’s reputation for quality and performance, this polo is a dependable choice for the serious golfer.
  • Reliable Range: Offered in eight versatile colors, you’re sure to find one that complements your existing golf wardrobe.

Choosing between these two sleeveless polos comes down to your personal priorities. If you prioritize affordability, effortless style, and a vast color palette, the Puma CLOUDSPUN Coast is your champ. But if you value classic good looks, reliable performance, and the prestige of a trusted brand, the FootJoy Solid Lisle Self Collar will never let you down.

Ultimately, both contenders offer distinct strengths and will help you shine on the green. So, grab your clubs, pick your perfect polo, and get ready to tee off in style!

Remember: It’s all about finding the sleeveless polo that makes you feel confident and comfortable. So swing with your heart and enjoy the game!

Polo Powerplay: Performance, Style, and Beyond

The world of women’s golf polos is bursting with options, so buckle up as we explore five contenders vying for your swing-style heart!

Nike Dri-FIT Victory:

  • Sweat-Slaying Hero: Dri-FIT technology keeps you cool and dry, while hem vents offer freedom of movement.
  • Versatile All-Star: Available in sleeveless, short-sleeve, and long-sleeve versions, it adapts to any weather.
  • Eco-Conscious Champion: Made from 100% recycled polyester, it’s good for your game and the planet.
  • Color Caddie: Eight color options let you pick your perfect match.

J. Lindeberg Tour Tech Polo:

  • Eye-Catching Ace: Bold colors like deep rain forest green and bright azalea make a statement on the course.
  • Moisture-Wicking Warrior: Quick-drying fabric keeps you comfortable even under the summer sun.
  • Premium Price Tag: This high-end polo comes with a higher price tag, but the style and performance might be worth it.
  • Limited Palette: Six colors offer variety, but might not satisfy everyone’s color cravings.

TravisMathew Majorca Sleeveless Polo:

  • Flattering Fit Master: This best-selling sleeveless polo hugs your curves for a stylish look on and off the course.
  • Soft Sensation: Heathered fabric blend of polyester, cotton, and spandex delivers comfort and style.
  • Color Conundrum: Five color options are decent, but might not match every golfer’s wardrobe.

Lady Hagen Women’s Printed UV Long Sleeve Golf 1/4 Zip:

  • Sun Shield Specialist: HydroDri and HydroChill technologies keep you cool and dry, while UPF 50+ sun protection defends against harmful rays.
  • Pattern Powerhouse: Over a dozen eye-catching colors and patterns let you express your unique style.
  • Coverage Champ: Long sleeves and quarter-zip closure offer extra protection on cooler days or for sun-sensitive skin.
  • Price Point Pondering: At $70, it’s pricier than some polos, but the added features might justify the cost.


  • Breathable Breeze: Lightweight Italian rib knit with four-way stretch wicks away moisture and dries quickly.
  • Fashion-Forward Flair: Flattering elbow sleeves and a faux button placket add a touch of chic.
  • Wrinkle-Resistant Warrior: No need to worry about ironing, this polo stays crisp and smooth.
  • Limited Color Choices: With only four colors, finding your perfect match might be a challenge.

Lohla Sport – The Tiffany Short Sleeve Polo:

  • LPGA Legend-Approved: Worn by golf icon Annika Sörenstam, this polo carries a pedigree of excellence.
  • Contrasting Color Craze: Stylish stripes on the collar, shoulders, and sleeves add a pop of personality.
  • Premium Price Powerhouse: At $140, this polo demands a significant investment.
  • Single Color Solo: Only one color option limits your wardrobe flexibility.

Interesting Fact about Women’s Golf Shirts

Today’s women’s golf shirts use innovative fabrics you have to see to believe

NASA technology helps make modern women’s golf shirts ultra-lightweight yet sweat-absorbing for maximum comfort under the sun.

What Professional Women Golfers Wear:

Professional women golfers typically follow dress codes set by the specific tournament or golf course. These codes usually prioritize:

  • Collared shirts or polos: T-shirts and tank tops are generally not allowed.
  • Skorts, pants, or shorts: Length restrictions may apply, often above the knee.
  • Comfortable and breathable fabrics: Golfing involves movement, so moisture-wicking materials are key.
  • Stylish touches: While comfort is prioritized, many brands offer fashionable designs and subtle branding.

Examples of what you might see on the LPGA Tour:

  • Polo shirts: Classic polos in various colors and textures are popular, from sleek solids to playful prints.
  • Skorts: A versatile option offering both comfort and a skirt-like look.
  • Golf pants: Often cropped or in lighter fabrics for hotter weather.
  • Golf dresses: Some tournaments allow golf dresses, usually above the knee and designed for athletic movement.
  • Shoes: Spiked golf shoes for optimal grip on the course.

What to Wear to a Golf Day:

The dress code for a casual golf day depends on the event organizer and course regulations. Here are some general tips:

  • Check the dress code: If available, ask about specific requirements to avoid any faux pas.
  • Opt for comfort and movement: You’ll be walking, bending, and swinging, so choose clothes that allow for flexibility.
  • Consider the weather: Pack layers if the weather is unpredictable.
  • Stay sun-safe: Wear a hat and sunscreen, especially on a sunny day.

Here are some outfit ideas:

  • Polo shirt and skort: A classic and comfortable choice.
  • Golf pants and a blouse: Add a feminine touch with a stylish blouse.
  • Comfortable athletic dress: Make sure it allows for movement and has built-in shorts or a lining for modesty.
  • Sneakers or casual golf shoes: Opt for comfortable footwear with good traction.

Tucking in Your Golf Shirt:

Whether or not you tuck in your golf shirt is a matter of personal preference. There are pros and cons to both:

Tucked in:

  • Looks more polished and professional.
  • Helps prevent the shirt from riding up during your swing.


  • More comfortable and relaxed.
  • Can be more flattering for some body types.

Ultimately, choose what makes you feel most comfortable and confident on the course.

Wearing a Dress to Golf:

Some golf courses and events allow golf dresses, but there are often specific requirements:

  • Length: Dresses should usually be above the knee.
  • Athletic features: Look for dresses with built-in shorts or a lining for freedom of movement and modesty.
  • Appropriate materials: Choose breathable and flexible fabrics for comfort during your game.

If you’re unsure about wearing a dress, it’s always best to check the dress code beforehand.

Remember, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident on the course. Choose clothes that allow you to enjoy your game and look your best while doing it!


Choosing the perfect polo is a personal swing. Consider your priorities: performance, style, sun protection, or budget. The Nike Dri-FIT Victory offers versatile performance and eco-friendly appeal, while the J. Lindeberg Tour Tech brings bold colors and premium quality. If you crave a flattering fit and soft touch, the TravisMathew Majorca might be your match. For sun protection and pattern power, the Lady Hagen shines, while the FORAY delivers breathable elegance with a wrinkle-resistant bonus. Remember, confidence is your ultimate accessory, so pick the polo that makes you feel like a champion, both on and off the course!

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