Choosing the Right Golf Ball for High Handicappers

Last Updated on 31 March 2024 by Jeronimo Baron

Beginner and high handicappers should use golf balls that are two-piece, low-spinning and low-compression as they will generate the greatest distance but least curvature through the air. As the player improves, only then should they consider moving to a three-piece, higher spin ball.

Golfers who regularly shoot in the 100s need as much assistance as possible to keep their ball in play, so choosing the correct model – with the above characteristics – will give them the greatest chance of keeping their shots in the fairway.

Let’s look at the reasons why this is the case.

Two-piece versus three-piece golf ball

Golf balls can be constructed with anywhere from one layer of materials (often seen in range balls), right up to five layers (often seen in the best-quality balls).

High handicappers are best to use a two-piece ball as it is likely to give you the straightest shots, while maximizing distance, largely because they will spin less than a ball with more layers.

If the ball is less receptive, it means it will curve less through the air – considering most high handicappers either hit big fades or draws, minimizing the ball’s movement through the air is a top priority and using the correct ball will help with this.

Once you start getting better control of your shots, it would definitely be worth moving to a three-piece ball – like the TaylorMade Project (a) – but until then, try sticking to two-piece balls.

Low spin versus high spin golf ball

If you’re a beginner or high handicapper, you definitely want to use a ball with low spin.

When your ball has less spin, you’ll be able to get more distance out of your shots and hit more fairways as they’ll fly straighter than a high-spin ball (which is more prone to hooks and slices).

When you start improving, you’ll want to move to a ball that spins more as they give you more control and can stop quicker on the greens – and help you spin your wedges back towards the hole like the pros.

But until then, stick to something with minimal spin.

Low versus high compression golf ball

Compression is the amount of force it takes to properly compress the ball.

Given high handicappers often have slower swing speeds – either due to their age, or poor technique (if you want more lag, read here) – you want a low compression ball as it will help maximize your distance and help you hit it straight.

If you don’t have a swing speed over 95mph, you won’t be able to adequately compress harder balls (like the ones used by the pros), resulting in less distance and likely more curvature on your shots through the air.

Best golf balls for high handicappers

Now that you know what ball characteristics to look for as a high handicapper, it’s time to list the best options available to buy.

A big factor in your purchase will undoubtedly be budget – as a high handicapper, you’re likely to lose at least one ball per round and because of this you don’t want to be buying balls that are super expensive.

I’ve kept this in mind when compiling my list below and have only included balls that are super affordable for the average player (so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank if you blaze a couple out of bounds).

Adidas Originals Men's Adicolor Classics Firebird Track Pants

4.1 out of 5

HyperElastic SoftFast Core Delivers Increased Ball Speed With Soft Feel
Optimized For Faster Speed And Soft Feel Around The Green.
Exceptional Feel, Control And Spin With Long Distance From Our Hybrid Cover
It Allows Us To Create More Wedge Control While Still Maximizing Distance, Very Soft Feel, And Durability.

3.8 out of 5
4.4 out of 5


Soft Feel: The Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls Are Known For Their Exceptionally Soft Feel, Providing A Pleasant Sensation On Impact

Low Compression: With A Low Compression Rating, These Golf Balls Are Designed To Maximize Distance, Especially For Players With Slower Swing Speeds.

Reduced Spin: The Low Spin Characteristics Of The Supersoft Balls Help Minimize Hooks And Slices, Promoting Straighter Shots Off The Tee And Improved Accuracy


Weather Dependence: In Windy Conditions, The Low Spin Characteristics Of The Supersoft Balls May Make Them More Susceptible To Being Affected By The Wind, Potentially Leading To Less Control And Accuracy.

Sizing Concerns: Some users have reported that the sizing of these track pants can be slightly inconsistent, so it is advisable to double-check the size chart before purchasing.

Reduced Feel On Short Game Shots: The Ultra-Soft Feel Of The Supersoft Balls Might Not Provide The Desired Feedback And Responsiveness On Delicate Short Game Shots, Impacting The Player's Ability To Judge The Distance And Execute Precise Shots

Vice Tour (Golf Ball for High Handicap Golfers)

4.4 out of 5

The Vice Tour is an updated all-rounder golf ball designed by Vice Golf. It is a premium 3-Piece ball that offers exceptional features for high handicap golfers at a competitive price. The ball’s reconstructed DuPont Surlyn Cover ensures high durability and reduced driver spin, while its 312 large dimples enhance flight stability and provide extra distance. The Vice Tour also features an improved alignment line for accurate putting. With an affordable price and the option to purchase in bulk, the Vice Tour is an excellent choice for high handicap golfers looking for quality and value.

4.5 out of 5
4.3 out of 5


High Durability: The Vice Tour golf ball features a reconstructed "DuPont Surlyn Cover" that is extra tough and cut-resistant, ensuring that it lasts for multiple rounds. This durability is beneficial for high handicap golfers who may have a tendency to lose or damage their golf balls more frequently.

Affordable Price: Despite its premium features, the Vice Tour golf ball is offered at an extremely competitive price. This makes it an excellent choice for high handicap golfers who want a quality golf ball without breaking the bank.

Large Alignment Line: The Vice Tour ball boasts an improved "Keep In Line" (KIL) alignment line that is extra-long and highly visible. This alignment aid assists golfers in putting with more accuracy and confidence, particularly beneficial for those with higher handicaps who may struggle with alignment on the green.

Bulk Purchase Option: Vice Golf encourages golfers to purchase the Vice Tour balls in bulk by offering a lower price per dozen. This provides high handicap golfers with the opportunity to stock up on their preferred golf balls at an even more affordable rate.


Limited Color Options: The Vice Tour golf ball is currently only available in white. Some golfers may prefer a wider range of color choices to suit their personal preferences or to easily differentiate their golf ball from others on the course.

Skill Level Suitability: While the Vice Tour is marketed as suitable for players of different skill levels, it is specifically advertised as the best golf ball for high handicap golfers. Golfers with lower handicaps or more advanced skills may find that other golf ball options better cater to their specific needs and preferences.

Titleist Velocity ()

4.7 out of 5

Titleist Velocity is the go-to golf ball for high handicappers seeking maximum distance and improved performance on the course. With its revamped design, including a high-speed LSX Core and a 350 Octahedral dimple pattern, the Velocity offers a high ball flight and increased ball speed for impressive distances off the tee. The NAZ+ Outer Cover enhances full swing speed and greenside spin, catering to high handicappers’ needs. Additionally, the Velocity balls are available in a range of vibrant colors, ensuring visibility and reducing the chances of losing the ball. If you’re looking to add more fun and distance to your game, the Titleist Velocity is the perfect choice.

5 out of 5
Increases Ball Flight Naturally
4.5 out of 5


Increased Distance: The Titleist Velocity golf balls are specifically designed to provide maximum distance. The high-speed LSX Core and the 350 Octahedral dimple design work together to promote a high ball flight and faster ball speed, resulting in longer distances on full shots.

Vibrant Color Variations: Titleist offers the Velocity balls in a range of vibrant colors, including Matte Orange, Matte Green, and Matte Blue, in addition to the standard White. This allows high handicappers to choose a color that stands out and is easily visible on the course, reducing the chances of losing their golf balls.

Enhanced Full Swing Speed and Greenside Spin: The NAZ+ Outer Cover of the Titleist Velocity balls is designed to optimize full swing speed and provide improved greenside spin. This feature can be particularly beneficial for high handicappers who may struggle with their short game and need extra help around the greens.

Great design.


Limited Construction Type: The Titleist Velocity balls have a two-piece construction, which may not provide the same level of feel and control as multi-layered balls. Players who prioritize a softer feel or more precise shot shaping abilities may prefer golf balls with a more advanced construction.

Bridgestone 2023 e12 Contact

5 out of 5

The Bridgestone e12 Contact golf ball is the ideal choice for golfers seeking straighter shots without the need to change their swing. With its combination of the “e12 Soft” and “e12 Speed” technologies, the e12 Contact features a spin-reducing “FLEXATIV Cover” and a wide, hexagonal dimple pattern for increased surface contact. This results in more efficient energy transfer, delivering straight distance off the tee. Additionally, the e12 Contact offers a soft and responsive feel around the greens, enhancing control on short game shots. With a range of color options available, including Matte Red, Matte Green, and Matte Yellow, the Bridgestone e12 Contact caters to individual preferences while helping high handicappers lower their scores by reducing side spin and promoting straighter shots.

5 out of 5
Soft Feel Greenside
5 out of 5


Spin-Reducing Cover: The Bridgestone e12 Contact features a revolutionary "FLEXATIV Cover" that is designed to lower side spin. This helps golfers who struggle with controlling spin on their shots, resulting in straighter ball flights and improved accuracy.

Soft Feel Greenside: The e12 Contact provides a soft and responsive feel around the greens, enhancing touch and control on delicate shots such as chips and pitches. This feature is beneficial for golfers who prioritize a soft feel and precise short game performance.

Straight Distance: Bridgestone's e12 Contact is specifically designed to provide "straight distance." The combination of the new "Contact Force" dimple pattern and the spin-reducing cover leads to 46% more surface contact with the ball. This results in more efficient energy transfer and promotes straighter, distance-packed drives.

Wide Color Selection: The e12 Contact is available in multiple color options, including White, Matte Red, Matte Green, and Matte Yellow. This allows golfers to choose a color that suits their preferences and improves visibility on the course.


Limited Construction Type: The Bridgestone e12 Contact has a 3-piece construction, which may not offer the same level of control and feel as multi-layered golf balls. Golfers who prioritize a specific feel or require advanced shot shaping capabilities might prefer golf balls with a more complex construction.

TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls

4.9 out of 5

TaylorMade Distance+ golf balls are designed to deliver high-performing distance and feel for golfers with moderate to slow swing speeds, all at an affordable price. The softREACT Core ensures easy compression and effortless distance off the tee, catering to golfers who don’t have fast swing speeds. The soft ionomer cover enhances greenside spin while also improving scuff resistance and overall durability. The integrated “+ Style” alignment aid helps players line up putts and gain feedback on their roll. With its budget-friendly price, the TaylorMade Distance+ offers an excellent option for high handicappers looking to maximize distance without sacrificing feel.

4.9 out of 5
Distance Without Sacrificing Feel
4.9 out of 5


Designed for Moderate Swing Speeds: The TaylorMade Distance+ golf balls are specifically engineered to cater to golfers with moderate to slow swing speeds. The "softREACT Core" is designed for easy compression, allowing players to generate distance even with non-fast swing speeds.

Distance Without Sacrificing Feel: Despite being focused on distance, the Distance+ balls also provide a good feel on all types of shots. This combination of distance and feel is advantageous for high handicappers who want to maximize their distance off the tee while maintaining control and responsiveness around the greens.

Highly Affordable Price: One of the standout features of the TaylorMade Distance+ balls is their affordability. They offer high-performing distance and feel at a budget-friendly price, making them accessible to a wide range of golfers, including high handicappers who are conscious of their golf ball expenses.

Alignment Aid: The Distance+ balls feature a built-in "+ Style" alignment aid, integrated into the side stamp of the ball. This alignment aid assists players in lining up their putts and provides instant feedback on their roll on the greens. It can be particularly beneficial for high handicappers who are working on improving their putting accuracy.


Limited Construction Type: The TaylorMade Distance+ balls have a two-piece construction, which may not provide the same level of control and feel as multi-layered balls. Golfers who prioritize a softer feel or require specific shot-shaping capabilities may prefer golf balls with more advanced constructions.

How do we test golf balls at

At, we are dedicated to providing accurate and in-depth reviews, ensuring our testing process is thorough to provide a comprehensive understanding of each golf ball’s performance.

Our testing took place at Golf Club, where we utilized our in-house TrackMan and Flightscope to collect launch monitor data. Each golf ball underwent extensive testing on the putting surface and around the greens, followed by data collection from 50-yard pitch shots, 7-iron shots, and drives.

What factors should you consider when buying a new golf ball?

  1. Feel: Golf ball feel is a personal preference, influenced by factors such as compression and structure. Testing across different shots, including putting, chipping, and long game shots, ensures the chosen ball aligns with your preferences.
  2. Distance: Consider your desired distance off the tee, factoring in compression relative to swing speed and strike. Balancing distance with control is key in selecting the right ball for your game.
  3. Spin: Tailor your choice based on spin preferences, with lower handicappers typically seeking balls with higher spin for better control around the greens. Opting for a ball with a urethane cover can provide the desired spin and control for precision shots.
  4. Price: Budget considerations are crucial. Evaluate your budget relative to desired performance, balancing cost with performance benefits when selecting the ideal golf ball.

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