Trendy Golf Joggers: Elevate Your Golfing Wardrobe in 2023

Last Updated on 11 January 2024 by Jeronimo Baron

Golf joggers are becoming increasingly popular, but some of the top clothing companies have been sluggish to adopt them. Fortunately, I did some research and discovered the top 11 golf joggers on the market right now. Learn why these fashionable pants are a great addition to your golfing outfit in the following paragraphs.

Introducing the Top Pick:

I suggest the Adidas Men’s Pant Jogger if you want to know what my top pick is without scrolling any further. These pants have elastic cuffed ankles for the classic jogger style and are constructed of a breathable nylon and polyester blend. Notably, they have been sighted on the course being worn by golfing legend Dustin Johnson. DJ’s support for Adidas as a brand ambassador says a lot about their performance and sense of style.

The Appeal of Golf Joggers:

Ever since golf joggers made their debut at the 2019 British Open, golfers have embraced them. Similar to the effect of Englishman Tyrrell Hatton’s hoodie victory in the 2020 BMW Championship, Erik van Rooyen’s eye-catching cuffed joggers caused quite a fuss and started a trend that grew. Golf joggers are a game-changer in golf apparel because they provide the ideal balance of comfort and aesthetics.

The Growing Popularity:

Many other golfers have followed van Rooyen’s example and have been spotted wearing golf joggers while competing, including Rickie Fowler, Rory McIlroy, Kelly Kraft, and Sam Ryder. These pants maintain a sophisticated appearance while providing a welcome departure from conventional golf clothing.

Defining Golf Joggers: 

Golf joggers are essentially sports dress pants composed of breathable, polyester-like materials that resemble traditional golf pants. The main difference is that they have ankle cuffs, which give them a more fitting appearance. They appeal to golfers who want to show off their personal style on the course because they achieve the perfect blend between trendy and upscale.

Can the average golfer wear golf joggers?

Many golfers are uncertain as to whether golf joggers are appropriate apparel off the PGA Tour. Yes, provided that they don’t have drawstrings, which are typically viewed as improper by the majority of golf clubs. You can bring comfort and flair to your local course by choosing joggers that can fit a belt.

All of the golf joggers examined below are belt-compatible, making them appropriate for use on the course.

2023’s top golf joggers

Surprisingly, it took considerable searching to locate 11 top-notch golf joggers appropriate for the casual, everyday gamer. I was able to discover two pairs of golf joggers for roughly $40 AUD ($30 USD), which is within the normal price range of $80-200 AUD ($60-145 USD). For those searching for more affordable options, you can purchase a brand-new TaylorMade M2 driver for $150, which I previously rated as the best sub-$300 budget driver available. 

However, a list of the top 11 golf joggers available has been put together for those who are interested. Wearing one of them will make you the most fashionable golfer on the course.

Adidas Men’s Jogger Pants

The Adidas Men’s Pant Jogger may be the best option if you want to wear the same golf apparel as Dustin Johnson, who won the 2020 Masters. While Johnson frequently dons regular golf pants during competitions, he does favor the jogger style for practicing. These joggers are made from a special nylon and polyester blend that feels cool against the skin, making them perfect for summer runs. Additionally, the fabric reduces friction, offering outstanding comfort. 

Adidas Originals Men's Adicolor Classics Firebird Track Pants

4.1 out of 5

The Adidas Men’s Pant may be the best option if you want to wear the same golf apparel as Dustin Johnson, who won the 2020 Masters. While Johnson frequently dons regular golf pants during competitions, he does favor the jogger style for practicing. These joggers are made from a special nylon and polyester blend that feels cool against the skin, making them perfect for summer runs. Additionally, the fabric reduces friction, offering outstanding comfort. 

3.8 out of 5
4.4 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
4 out of 5
4 out of 5


Iconic Design: The Adidas Originals Firebird Track Pants feature the classic Firebird design, which has been an iconic style statement for decades, adding a touch of retro appeal to your outfit.

Comfortable Fit: These track pants are crafted from a soft and lightweight material, providing a comfortable and relaxed fit for all-day wear.

Versatile Style: The Firebird Track Pants are versatile and can be easily paired with various tops and footwear, making them suitable for casual and sporty looks.

Functional Pockets: Equipped with side zip pockets, these pants offer convenient storage for your essentials while on the go.

Elastic Waistband: The elastic waistband with an adjustable drawstring ensures a secure and customized fit, allowing for unrestricted movement.


Limited Color Options: The Adidas Originals Firebird Track Pants may have a limited range of color options, which could be a drawback for those looking for more variety.

Sizing Concerns: Some users have reported that the sizing of these track pants can be slightly inconsistent, so it is advisable to double-check the size chart before purchasing.

Price: The Firebird Track Pants are from the Adidas Originals line, which may be on the higher end of the price spectrum compared to other track pants.

Men’s Flexknit Jogger Pants by Rhone

The Rhone Men’s Commuter Flexknit Jogger Pants are unmatched for comfort, adaptability, and elegance. These ultra-soft joggers are a great option for golfers who value elastic fabric and comfort even though they may not have the same brand recognition as Puma or Adidas. They are professional-looking without sacrificing flexibility and are made of excellent flexknit material, letting you to swing freely. Even the strictest golf club dress standards are readily met by these joggers, which include two pockets and a belt loop. You may customize the fit to your tastes thanks to the zippered, cuffed ankles. The Rhone Men’s Commuter Flexknit Jogger Pants, which come in four colors, are a fashionable option among sportswear since they match great with golf shirts, sweaters, and hoodies.

Men’s Jackpot Jogger by Puma

Rickie Fowler, a fashionable golfer who represents Puma, has always been at the forefront of golf fashion. The moisture-wicking technology of the Puma Jackpot Jogger ensures breathability and keeps you dry while you play. You can concentrate on your game without interruptions thanks to the comfortable fit of the flexible waistline with belt loops.

Jackpot Jogger by Puma

The ease and free movement that the Puma Jackpot Jogger offers have thrilled those who have acquired them. Their appearance is given a touch of beauty by the bio-based wicking finish. The ankles’ elastic cuffs complete the elegant fit and give the joggers their trademark style. The Puma Jackpot Jogger, which comes in black and blue, is unquestionably one of the most fashionable options available for golf joggers.

Men’s Chino Jogger Pants from Italy

The Men’s Chino Jogger Pant from Italy Morn is remarkably similar to the Jackpot Jogger from Puma, but costs less than half as much. These joggers are a terrific option for golfers on a tight budget because they provide a perfect balance of style and cost. They offer the comfort and flexibility necessary for golfing because they are made with 98% cotton and 2% elastic, soft-stretch twill. These joggers have a fitting and stylish appearance thanks to their belt loops, front zip, and thick elastic cuffs. They come in nine hues, including black, navy blue, khaki, and others, and may be matched with a variety of on-course attire.

Men’s Cargo Pant Jogger by PULI

For golfers seeking budget without sacrificing quality, the PULI Men’s Cargo Pant Jogger is the ideal choice. These joggers are made of a nylon/spandex blend that provides stretchiness and comfort, both of which are necessary for free play. You get extra pockets with the added benefit of cargo pant style, so you can keep tees or ball markers there. These joggers, which come in six various colors like army green, black, navy, and more, are simple to combine with your golf gear. A fantastic value option that doesn’t compromise on performance or elegance.

Amazon Essentials Men’s Slim-Fit Jogger Pant

The Amazon Essentials Men’s Slim-Fit Jogger Pant is a great option if you’re looking for a less expensive option to popular golf brands like Puma and Adidas. These joggers have received good reviews from hundreds of customers for their exceptional comfort, including some golfers who wear them on the course, despite not being fashioned from the normal elastic golf pant material. The internal drawstring on these joggers is a unique addition that lets you customize for the right fit without having to tighten your belt. They provide a well-fitted look without hindering your swing thanks to their slim-fit construction. The elastic ankle cuffs, which come in four colors—green camouflage, black, khaki, and navy—give the pants a contemporary jogger appearance. 

Men’s Straight-Fit Jogger Pant from Amazon Essentials

The Amazon Essentials Men’s Straight-Fit Jogger Pant is a simple and inexpensive solution for golfers who don’t enjoy the feeling of wearing tight pants. These joggers have a looser tapering of the pants while maintaining the same beneficial features as the slim-fit design, such as a drawstring within the belt holder and elastic ankle cuffs. They offer a snug fit without compromising fashion or mobility. They are a low-cost option that golfers can use without risk because they are only offered in black.

Men’s Quick Dry Jogger from Layer 8

The Men’s Quick Dry Jogger from Layer 8 is another excellent budget alternative that doesn’t sacrifice quality. These adaptable joggers, which cost a fraction of what well-known labels like Adidas and Puma do, are appropriate for running, working out in the gym, and everyday use in addition to golf. They provide outstanding comfort and freedom of movement because to their 4-way stretch construction, which enables a full backswing without any interference. They are made of an incredibly soft and lightweight fabric. They adhere to the course’s dress code because they have a belt loop. For golfers who like inexpensive and cozy choices, the Layer 8 Quick Dry Jogger is a terrific option.

Men’s Jogger Pants by Puma

The Puma Men’s Pant Jogger, like the Puma Jackpot Jogger, is distinguished by its streamlined style and shorter pant length to avoid unneeded fabric bunching above the shoe. These joggers offer a distinctive and contemporary design without elastic ankle cuffs that could also be worn casually. Designed with moisture-wicking fabric and drycell technology, they keep you dry and comfortable throughout the round. The waistline allows for a belt to be worn while still enabling free movement for your golf swing. The Puma Pant Jogger, which comes in peacoat blue and quarry gray, is a great choice for golfers looking to stand out on the field.

Warp-knit joggers from Adicross

For golfers who prefer loose-fitting joggers without cuffed ankles, the Adidas Adicross Warp Knit Jogger Pant is a terrific option. These joggers offer a comparable style to Dustin Johnson’s golf pants, with a sleek and thin design that isn’t overly tight. Although they have a loose fit, they are nonetheless soft, elastic, and composed of breathable material for all-round comfort. These joggers have a special side zip cargo pocket that is ideal for keeping tees, golf balls, a groove cleaner, or a scorecard while you play. They are made from recycled polyester and are available in blue, gray, and black to suit your preferences.

The Montauk Maltese Jogger is made of satin and has an Italian-sourced, eight-way stretch performance fabric that allows for a complete hip turn with no hindrance. These joggers are available at Trendy Golf, where they also include a distinctive Greyson sport waistline that can be worn with a belt to satisfy most dress regulations. You can wear these pants outside of the golf field without any problems thanks to the thin fit design.

The fabric is appealing and comes in three appealing colors: royal blue, light blue, and black. The nicely cuffed ankles lend a touch of flair. These joggers not only look fantastic, but they also function incredibly well. You stay comfortable by quickly draining perspiration or morning dew thanks to the fabric’s moisture-wicking and quick-drying qualities.

Few joggers can compare to the Montauk Maltese Jogger that is accessible online in terms of quality. More creative designs are available; check the Trendy Golf store to see what’s available.

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